"I have taken both level 1 and level 2 in the Art & Science of Burring and absolutely loved it and learned a lot! I thoroughly enjoyed the courses." Theresa Z. February. 2023

Prior to purchasing, please review checklist:

Payment plan available.

  • Refund and Withdrawal Policy: Please ensure this course is the right fit for you prior to registering. Registration fee received is non-refundable and cannot be deferred.

  • Payment Options: One time payment or make 3 equal payments within three months.

  • This course is designed for licensed foot care professionals. RN, RPN, Podiatrist, Chiropodists. If you're a Nail Technician or foot care assistant etc. please contact us prior to registering. We would like to hear from you and work with you.

  • Once you complete your purchase you have access to the training material for up to 90 days. Self-paced learning. Study at your own pace and at your own time. Instructor is available to answer all your questions just click: start a discussion- on the training platform or send a message or email the instructor at any time.

  • Please take the courses in order. Start with Level 1.


  • How long does it take to complete the courses and what is the passing grade?

    The course bundle takes approximately 10 hours to complete, in as many sessions as the user chooses. Once purchased, the course content will be available up to 90 days. Completion certificate provided. 60% is the passing grade. You can retake the quiz.

  • How do I get my certificate?

    Once your course completion is 100% and you have received a passing grade on your Final Quiz, your certificate will be emailed to you directly. You can also access it by clicking "My Account" and then clicking "Certificates".

  • Do I have to finish the course in one sitting?

    Nope! Our courses are designed so that you can take your time and pace yourself as you like to complete the course. Courses can be completed at the learner's pace and without a deadline.

  • What are the system requirements for the course?

    While the course is available on a mobile site, we encourage users to use a desktop or laptop computer rather than a phone or tablet. Using a mobile device can cause submission issues with quizzes and may impede your progress or cause a certificate delay.

  • My video or quiz is showing a translation error, or "" error. What do I do?

    Make sure that you're using a laptop or desktop computer, and one of our approved browsers (check our system requirements above). Sign out of the course, wait 15 minutes, and sign back in. These connection errors are time-based and should reset after 15 minutes.