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Course curriculum Prerequisite Level 1.

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    1. Chapter 1. Introduction. Colour coding in Podiatry. Differentiate between the grit sizes and describe situations for using. Review differences between carbide,LSQ, LQG, NEM etc. and critical burs and describe situations for their use.

    2. Chapter 2. Bur sets for selected nail pathologies. Using video and photographic media, formulate a concise treatment plan using the most common nail pathologies, including Ram’s horn, ingrown nail, pitcher nail, onychomycosis, dystrophic nail and more.

    3. Chapter 3. Accurately define The Art & Science of Burring Technique and give examples. Maximum outcome restoration in a single treatment visit that requires use of several burs.

    1. Quiz. (Please read questions carefully)

    1. Reducing partial nail growth after nail avulsion

    2. Removal of localized mycosis

    3. Carbide Ball and Diamond Tapered

    4. Diamond ball RT421M. Delicate and Safe filing in the nail folds.

    5. Rotary Tissue Punch and Trephine

    6. Reducing Fissures with Rotary tissue Punch and Trephine

    7. Saw Bur RT510LGQ

    8. Dystrophic toenail reduction with the (Saw) carbide 512LGQ

    9. Course Lamellas RT512LGQ substituted for Saw Bur-Sound effect.

    10. Saw Bur practice

    11. Extra Coarse XC Carbide

    12. Diamond Ball RT421M for Subungual corn

    13. Fine Carbides

    1. Diabetic-Low Risk Part 1.

    2. Diabetic-Low Risk Part 2.

    3. Dystrophic Nail Debridement

    4. Corn debridement with Rotary Tissue Punch

    5. Hyperkeratotic lesion associated with Pes Cavus

    6. Onychocryptosis Ingrown-Involuted Toenail

    7. Mycotic, dystrophic toenail

    1. References

    2. Recommended Reading

    3. Requirements on the hygiene of reprocessing medical products-Rotating Instruments

    4. Safety, Usage and Hygiene Recommendations for Rotating Instruments

    1. Rotatool Deluxe- Suction Integrated Podiatry File

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