Krisztine Grad RN

Course Developer-Author, Founder, Instructor

Hi, I'm Krisztine Grad. I am a registered nurse and have a successful, independent private foot care practice in Hamilton, Ontario. As the founder of The Art & Science of Burring, let me first welcome you and thank you for your interest! While I have practiced foot care since 2005, my burring adventure began in 2011 when I travelled to northern California in the United States and was introduced to the Helius40, a high-speed integrated vacuum podiatry drill. I soon came to realize that the high-speed podiatry drill, along with the choice of over 95 unique types of burs, allows not only a high degree of clinical precision but also facilitates a safer and pain-free experience for routine and high-risk patients. By changing to this type of podiatry machine, my practice changed overnight and I became passionate about learning and refining burring techniques. Over the past decade, I have travelled to numerous conferences and events in many provinces to instruct and demonstrate safe techniques using a wide variety of burs. Teaching foot care providers is my number one goal and it is my hope to share my knowledge with you so that you can begin to enjoy foot care to the fullest. Let your bur adventure begin!


“Anyone who would need some technical advise or need training regarding to one of the most reliable units in the market for podiatric electric file system with suction integrated "Helius40”-and the high quality Carbide burs and Diamonds (Made in Germany) you are welcome to contact, Krisztine Grad RN. She is very well known in the foot care industry and very knowledgeable on the proper use of Rotatool Files. She will make sure you can use the vacuum drill more efficiently and effortlessly. Her international presentations have done tremendous impact in the foot care industry."”

Joel Alaves, President of Thomas Machinery LTD

“"I took Krisztine's class this past Saturday and it was excellent. She is knowledgeable, drawing on her direct patient experience providing foot care as well as referring to published research. I'm very excited to try out my new burs in my practice. I'd love to have a clinic like hers!" ”

Christine-Massachusetts, US

“I have worked with Chiropodists, Podiatrists and other Footcare nurses and I have never seen anyone compare to the level of skill she has working with difficult conditions. Krisztine has fantastic bedside manner and takes her time to address all aspects of the foot and does not just focus on one specific area. I trust Krisztine with my high-risk and medically complicated patients. ”

Erin Kesler- Kinesiologist. Pedorthist. Owner of The Foot-Knee-Back Clinic

“Very good course! Recommend it to the other foot care nurses. Everything you showed us was very interesting. It was awesome to see videos on how to use and apply the different burs. ”

Chantal B.

“The course was amazing Krisztine!! I think you were touching way more people this way. I guess I would just like to be able to sit beside you and watch you work LOL. Thank you so much for offering this virtual class.”

Judy B.

“"I really enjoyed this course, specifically the videos of you demonstrating the different burs. Thanks so much!" Jackie R.”

Jackie R.

“Everybody providing foot care should take this course. This course give you the training to take your practice to the next level. After a year of using a Dremel I found my hand was paining and I questioned my technique. I only ever used 2 burs because I was unsure how to safely use others. I can't wait to put my knowledge into practice!”

Heather M.-Bundle Level 1-2

““I appreciated all the content of this course and I am hopeful to complete level 2 by the end of this year. This course provided me with the knowledge and now I can apply what I learned in a safe and professional manner. Thank you!” Rated 5 out of 5”

Brenda D.-Level 1. Online Training

“Thank you very much for everything that I learned from the course. I have been able to apply all of that knowledge in the clinic. ”

Krystal A.-Level 1. Online Training

“Amazing presentation!!!! Great content. Wish I had found this sooner. Can't wait to try new burs.”

David M.

Additional Bio

Krisztine Grad, RN has specialized in foot care for over 17 years and is the founder and owner of Feet First Footcare, Inc., a successful private practice in Hamilton, Ontario.  Using a patient-centered approach, Krisztine specializes in advanced filing techniques and brings a fresh and highly-skilled approach with the newest technology and state-of-the-art equipment.   

In her office practice, Krisztine has managed Indigenous and high-risk diabetes patients for over 10 years as well as individuals of all ages and special needs.  Hamilton Spectator's Readers Choice Awards has voted Krisztine #1 Foot Care Specialist and Best Foot Clinic from 2016-2021.

Starting in 2011 Krisztine has researched intensively and tirelessly (at the time there was very little information available on the subject) and wrote a course material called “The Art & Science of Burring” Krisztine has innovated the education of foot care nursing by establishing “The Art & Science of Burring” in 2013, a comprehensive course and hands-on workshop for licensed professionals.  Both popular and well-attended, Krisztine draws from her years of direct patient care experience and teaches step-by-step instruction, emphasizing skill-building in the application of individual burs and burring techniques. 

Krisztine is recognized as a leader by foot specialists peers and leadership educators. Between 2014-2019 she was an invited speaker to educational conferences throughout Canada and the United States and has conducted workshops in several Canadian provinces. 

Krisztine is sought after in the foot care industry.  Between 2011- 2019 she worked as a skilled practitioner-representative in the promotion of high-speed vacuum integrated rotary files and the correct use of the large variety of podiatry burs.  As an advocate of both patient safety and clinician skill building, she has brought attention to the correct use of modernized foot care equipment incorporating the newest technology, ideas, and features- educating nurses, podiatrists and chiropodists.


Contributions & Acknowledgements

I would like to take this opportunity to first and foremost thank God for being my strength and guide in the writing, recording, developing and editing this training site. Without Him, I would not have had the wisdom or the physical ability to do so. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude and special thanks to Kim Phillips RN, MSN, FCN for her support and contributions to the development of this training material throughout the years. Her contribution was invaluable. No one can accomplish anything significant alone, together bigger and better things can be done. Last but not least, I thank my dear husband for believing in me and supporting me.